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Acclaim Legal Solutions provides innovative business information management solutions for court reporting and litigation support firms arround North America. It's all we do - so we understand your business and the processes that you employ. Over 40 years of real-world technology experience for legal, litigation support, and court reporting are behind the developement of our business software solutions.
Renowned Court Reporting Firm Office Management and Deposition Repository Solution Experts
Clients consistently tell us they're seeing immediate and measurable results from the use of Acclaim Legal's solutions, including:

▪ Schedule and accurately track depositions more easily
▪ Improve the timeliness and accuracy of attorney billing and court
  reporter payroll
▪ Communicate more timely, accurately and professionally with attorneys,
  3rd party clients, and court reporters
▪ Strengthen competitiveness with continuous enhancements to all
  products based solely on your needs
▪ Improve your profitability with more satisfied clients and reporters and
  complete office automation

Whether you are a small office or a large reporting firm... you want to simplify your office, improve your job tracking, reporter payroll, and client billing, and add to your bottom line. Our clients are doing that every day with amazing results. Today is the day to upgrade risk free!
Contact Acclaim Legal today to find out how you can get started. License or lease the software today and get a risk free guarantee.
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